donderdag 4 december 2008

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Just three fast photo’s..

I am in lovee with my lace leggings <3>I’ve been to).

A quick and simple outfit photo, just because I like the blue vestlike thing so much. (and omg, my rooms looks like a boring fucking mess.. and how can a mess be boring? XD)

In this photo, my little sister and I are wearing the same shoes that we found in an old box in my closet. I guess we kinda look like twins ^^.

I’ve also decided that it is time of a little project of my own. (well maybe with some help <3 )
So, you’ll see that soon..

Hope you enjoy!

22 opmerkingen:

dapper kid zei

Love those tights, and the blue vest looks pretty cool!

Song of Style zei

i want those tights.

Bella zei

Oh, yeah I'm loving them too...


the lace tights with the chucks is supadupa great

can't wait to find out what the special project is
good luck...


coco zei

The lace tights look great with those shoes.

geri zei

love the lace leggings too!

issa zei

love those tights!

Nina (femme rationale) zei

i actually love how you paired your lace leggings w/converse sneaks. so great!


cute shoesssss.


LaCouturier zei

those are lovely tights!

La C.

nv zei

those tights are lovely!

Wendiva zei

lace leggings...can't go wrong this season. i love them w/ converses the way u have it in the photo. hotness!!!

yiqin; zei

I LOVE the leggings! Looks awesome!

deep_in_vogue zei

Love the tights!!

Siska zei

you look so sweet!

Maverick zei

Those are way cute! I love those all stars. I've been wanting to get some chucks...

Denise zei

Quin!! xx

Fashion Addict zei

Matching shoes! Really cute! I love lacy leggings too, but it's really cold to wear them right now for me.

MR style zei

that's hot

Mad Hatter zei

the tights look great!

Wendiva zei

come back girlie, we miss u!!

kaitlyn zei

i love those tights! you have a great blog!