vrijdag 12 september 2008


New York fashion week. Need I say more?

The floral thing? Not so.. me. All the freakin’ prints? Cut it out! Colour? blegh. Hats? Hell no! … normally. But this time, I’m loving some things I used to dislike (and that really is an understatement). I just looked at Zac Posen’s collection, and I’m loving some of the pieces.. and they are not, the black ones. wtf!

I’m loving the dresses.. and the cote is just fab. What I noticed about my picks, is that it’s all colour and all with lots of detail. Very odd.

I also saw some things I’d usually loveee, and now.. well, actually still <3

Left: the cape thingy from VPL. Right: the mustard coloured thing.. (is it a shirt?) ADOREE.

Uhm, about the hats.. I just don’t like hats. But Michael Kors made me love the ones in his show. It’s perfect with the beautiful dress.

Hmm, I guess this is going to be a looong post.. oh well ^^.

Marc Jacobs. Usually, just loving it.. but this season? I don’t know.. I only like one piece, this little dress.. but, without the belt.. and the shoes.. and the hat. Weird right?

But this look on the right, I do adore, especially the trousers. Lovelovelovelovelovee.
And thank you Chris Benz <3.

Ok, lets talk floral. I, do not like it. But now, I have to make an exception because what Lela Rose did is just wonderful. The whole floral thing and then the blue theme <3.

When I was looking at the DKNY colletion, some pieces just stood out to me. Here they are:

I shouldn’t forget these gorgeous dresses from the Hervé Léger by Max Azria collection.

And last but not least.. and defiantly a surprise for me, Jonathan Saunders.
His dresses are so colourful en shiny, but I really like it.

So, that’s it. My Fashion week New York overkill post.
Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

maandag 8 september 2008

Air painter

Dressing up your little sister for some photo's is always fun.. but now, I've discovered Windows Movie Maker (I know, n000b!!!111oneone, but I really like it^^) so I've make a tiny video.. REALLY tiny, like what.. a couple of seconds? Oh well, enjoy :)

Von is wearing: the Karl for H&M dress and the braided shoes from Zara.

zaterdag 6 september 2008

Nothing Gets Nothing

Just a quick photograph.
Going out with some friends, just having a drink in a cute dress.

Dress: H&M Trend, Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

woensdag 3 september 2008

Love me do

Normally I would say: too. (as in too much)
But I dunno, maybe it’s my love for Elie Saab that has been growing way too fast this summer, or maybe it’s just because I’m trying on new things and I’m changing slowly.
I just dunno.
But what I do know, is that I adoreee this outfit so badly that I want it.. well no, NEED it.

So if anyone call tell me where I can buy Elie Saab in Holland or online?