zaterdag 14 februari 2009

We are rockstars

So, dunno whats going on.. no blogging from me at all. Like wtf.

I guess schoolstuff + going out with friends + early darkness is my explanation.

But I really missed blogging ánd I never stopped folling all of your lovely blogs <3

Allright.. bought lots of new stuff, so for today.. here are my new schoes ^^.

I am in L-O-V-E. Hearts and everyting whehe.

What do you think?

6 opmerkingen:

Denise zei

I think: Nice ^^.
Rockin' boots!


Zin in je verjaardag:)

dapper kid zei

Woah those boots look amazing!!

Nina (femme rationale) zei

your boots rock!

The Stiletto Effect zei

Hi :)
Those boots are so cool. Where did you buy them?

heartofpearl♡ zei

I LOVE your boots!! where are they from? x

May Kasahara zei

yeah - those boots are KILLER.
* * *