woensdag 23 september 2009

Fashion week NY & London

I was a little disappointed with NY Fashion Week because all the things I thought that were going to be great, weren’t all that great.. and a label that I didn’t even know, was so amazing like HEARTSSS everywhere.
And about London fashion week.. well, I haven’t seen a collection that I really adore or something, just some pieces I liked (I guess I should call them Lucky shots or something).

So here are a few of my favorite pieces of the Temporary London collection cause I’m so in lovee.

Now, I’m off to style.com to see the new collections from today.
I hope Burberry Prorsum will stunnn me ^^.

7 opmerkingen:

Denise zei

Nice hoor. Allemaal met strikjes valt me op:) xx

Julia mode zei

lovely choice =)


dapper kid zei

What a gorgeous collection, and the Burberry was amazing! Hope you're having a lovely day :)

coco zei

Loved this collection.

issa zei

so fantastic.

deep_in_vogue zei

This is a beautiful collection! I agree, I was pretty disappointed with NYFW as week, at least London was much, much better.

nv zei

Who was this? It's amazing, man I probably just skipped in when I read the post but I was too busy looking at pretty clothes HAHA