vrijdag 12 september 2008


New York fashion week. Need I say more?

The floral thing? Not so.. me. All the freakin’ prints? Cut it out! Colour? blegh. Hats? Hell no! … normally. But this time, I’m loving some things I used to dislike (and that really is an understatement). I just looked at Zac Posen’s collection, and I’m loving some of the pieces.. and they are not, the black ones. wtf!

I’m loving the dresses.. and the cote is just fab. What I noticed about my picks, is that it’s all colour and all with lots of detail. Very odd.

I also saw some things I’d usually loveee, and now.. well, actually still <3

Left: the cape thingy from VPL. Right: the mustard coloured thing.. (is it a shirt?) ADOREE.

Uhm, about the hats.. I just don’t like hats. But Michael Kors made me love the ones in his show. It’s perfect with the beautiful dress.

Hmm, I guess this is going to be a looong post.. oh well ^^.

Marc Jacobs. Usually, just loving it.. but this season? I don’t know.. I only like one piece, this little dress.. but, without the belt.. and the shoes.. and the hat. Weird right?

But this look on the right, I do adore, especially the trousers. Lovelovelovelovelovee.
And thank you Chris Benz <3.

Ok, lets talk floral. I, do not like it. But now, I have to make an exception because what Lela Rose did is just wonderful. The whole floral thing and then the blue theme <3.

When I was looking at the DKNY colletion, some pieces just stood out to me. Here they are:

I shouldn’t forget these gorgeous dresses from the Hervé Léger by Max Azria collection.

And last but not least.. and defiantly a surprise for me, Jonathan Saunders.
His dresses are so colourful en shiny, but I really like it.

So, that’s it. My Fashion week New York overkill post.
Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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Denise zei

Haha, you're right! Those outfits are really diffrent from your normal tastee.
But you know, you're changing. Remember when we where in Highschool :|... safety pins, bright colors, and black, black, black, black, plastic jewellery, oversized jeans. Whiee. I don't want to look like that anymoreeee

Saskia zei

Quin! Vandaag zag ik iemand met jouw Marc Jacob-muisjes. Ik weet zeker dat ze echt waren, want ik zag ze in de Oudemanhuispoort, waar allemaal rechtenstudenten komen (lees: rijk, lees: altijd merkkleding). Maar weet je wat het is? Ze had was van top tot teen in dure kleren, maar het enige toffe wat ze aanhad waren die muisjes, en ze stonden haar echt belachelijk omdat de rest van haar kleren heel saai waren. In ieder geval; ik weet zeker dat ze jou beter staan.

Nina zei

i'm still not sure what to make of NYFW. a lot of it has been hit and miss for me. let's see what london has in store!

El Notable zei

Hi! I also loved Zac Posen and also Rodarte. i am taking streetstyle pics of Madrid Fashion Week and posting them at my blog if you want to take a look:
Hope you like 'em

Mimi zei

Awesome post.I wish I was there.

we wear things zei

i really like the lela rose pieces!!

and sorry for the delay! we'd love to trade links.. i'm adding you to our blog list now!


heartofpearl♥ zei

thanks for the cm:)
oh how i wish i could sew.. i would try and copy each and every single designer haha becos im too poor to afford purchasing :(

Dana (MODAna) zei

saunders rocked it w/ his dresses
it was unbelievable

Susanna-Cole zei

I kind of like that we're somewhat opposites (personal fan of diversity :)) for me I'm like, The floral thing? So me! All the freakin’ prints? Give 'em to me! Colour? Sweet! Hats? Hell yes! haha. Anyway, I do love some of the looks you've selected! :)


yiqin; zei

I'd love to own a cape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is so hard to find one that is affordable :(