maandag 8 september 2008

Air painter

Dressing up your little sister for some photo's is always fun.. but now, I've discovered Windows Movie Maker (I know, n000b!!!111oneone, but I really like it^^) so I've make a tiny video.. REALLY tiny, like what.. a couple of seconds? Oh well, enjoy :)

Von is wearing: the Karl for H&M dress and the braided shoes from Zara.

14 opmerkingen:

issa zei

awwww so kute! love the vid!

Jenny H. zei

ahhh shes so cute!
love that dresss.


sooo adorable, great dress

like your style

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ellie zei

How adorable. Bet you guys had loads of fun.

Nina zei

oh, she's so adorable! so chic for someone that young.

thanks for stopping by my site! do you wanna trade links?

Nina zei

Linked! :)

Anoniem zei

aww adorable!

coco zei

I love this look it is quite simple but so beautiful!


linked 'n loaded

Dapper Kid zei

Awww that is so cute, the dress is adorable!

shizuka zei

wow gorgeous! i found the movie maker not long ago but still don't know how to use it haha... anyway! thanks for visiting my site too, ive linked u :D

Taghrid zei

i love this!

The Stiletto Effect zei

love these 2 photos :)

runway today zei

that is so very cute!