dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

The gift

Because I was away for a month, I’ve missed the Lanvin collection!

So, I just saw it, and now I’m in love ^^.

I’m obsessed with the navy/black combination and I think that’s why all my favourites are those colours hehe..
But I also really adore the green outfit and the yellow/black one.

And those shoeess.. <3 love love love. I want need to have them.. (in every colour please ^^).


14 opmerkingen:

itsjustme zei

Heb je al de kopieën gezien van Oasis hierop? Ook mooooi, en een stuk beter geprijsd!

Have you seen Oasis' version on these dresses? They're gorgeous and very cheap!

Dapper Kid zei

I totally adore the Lanvin collection!

Always In Style zei

Really gorgeous - love your Lanvin picks!

coco zei

I love the yellow and black dress. It's so pretty.

The Stiletto Effect zei

the lavin collection is one of my faves, but i also like the d&g :)

Susanna-Cole zei

I'm so happy to see navy and black mixed on the runway... maybe that'll start a trend, because I get tired of people saying that my navy and black don't match! ;) I can't really help it though, I just seem to never own enough things in one color, so I end up having to mix colors like dark blue and black! :P

And thanks for your comment, glad you like my blog! :)


yiqin; zei

Ohyes, the draping & details are stunning.

Dana (MODAna) zei

I love LANVIN!!! Alber is my homie!

issa zei

yay welcome back! lanvin is love!

Nina zei

yes, the lanvin collection was pretty nice.

Bella zei

So gorgeous!

Little Miss Dress Up zei

amazing! ive decided I want to die in a Lanvin dress

MR style zei

amazin lanvin ! i like it too very much

heartofpearl♥ zei

navy is so elegant so beautiful!