vrijdag 7 november 2008

Eight Days A Week

Hello again^^!

First off all, I watched the EMA’s yesterday and I just fell in lovee with Katy Perry’s carousel dress. I just looked GREAT. I didn’t love the other looks so much but just before I fell asleep I thought: carouselcarouselcarousel.

What do you think?

The last couple of weeks have gone so fast, I had a lot of school exams plus I went to a concert of 3 Doors Down. Also uhm, I went shopping ánd I’ve found some great heels in the back of my closet (which I totally forgot). Here they are:

Oh, and there is goning to be an outfit photo soon (I guess tomorrow?) because tonight I’m going to the concert of CSS. check them out ^^ linkthingy.

But uhm, while I was shopping, I bought way too much things so I’ve decided just to show you my two favourites ^^:

The shoes from Zara

And the blazer from H&M.

You like?

xoxo Hidzumee

10 opmerkingen:

Nina (femme rationale) zei

oooooh i like the zara shoes! awesome color!

Denise zei

I likeee<3! CSS was fun:). Ballooonsss



Dapper Kid zei

Love both shoes and her dress was so fun!

nv zei

I'm in love with that blazer from Zara, I've tried it on so many times but never bought it, can't wait to see how you wear it!

heartofpearl♥ zei

aw the dress is cute but more so i love yourblue heelsss

Trendy Gourmandise zei

like zara shoes

Trendy Gourmandise zei

amazing this dress !!!

Jenny H. zei

wow that is amazing.

and im excited to see that blazer on you.

and yess. how amazing was that lohan shoot? gah.

...love Maegan zei

OMG...Katie Perry's Dress!!!! I love it!!! I've never seen this photo!!

qqq9988 zei