woensdag 19 november 2008

I’ve got pictures on my mind

So finally, here are some pictures that I’ve made last Saturday.. (while spacing out a-lot so you cant really see a thing >.<)

I FINALLY got my hair thingy’s (I was looking for them all summer..) and I’m really in love with the feather one.
Also got the lace gloves and perfect lace tights.
So uhm, here are the not so perfect and spaced out photo’s, hope you can see what is what ^^.
(I guess I’ll explain ^^)

The feather head-thingy (H&M)

Other head-thingy (H&M) and lace-like shirt (H&M Trend)

The CSS concert (omg what is she wearing<3)

With my friend Stacey (trying to show my new blazer and heels)

And the lace gloves (H&M).

Hope you enjoy ^^.

5 opmerkingen:

issa zei

awww the feather head piece looks fantastic.. as do those lace gloves! love the whole look :)

heartofpearl♥ zei

love your gloves :) x

nv zei

i love that lace shirt! i saw it at h&m but they were out of sizes and the black ones :( it looks great on yoU!

Miranda zei

loveee the h&m shirt. i think i actually saw a girl at my school wearing it today.
take a better picture of those heels!
and ty for the comment too :D

Midnight traveller zei

I absolutely adore those gloves you're wearing. I've been looking for a pair since forever. Totally jealous!!!