zondag 23 november 2008


When I look out of my window, this is what I see.. <3

9 opmerkingen:

coco zei

It looks so chilly.

Taghrid zei

aaah lucky. i wish it snowed here.

nv zei

well i'm jealous cause your view is great. i used to have this lovely tree in front of mine and it looked so peaceful and pretty when it snowed but then one day my building cut it down....

dapper kid zei

Wow, lol I'm jealous!

issa zei

ooooh lovely!!! it never ever snows here...

Bella zei

So dreamy...

Nina (femme rationale) zei

wow, so pretty! i don't think i'd ever see something like that if i looked out my window.

Miranda zei

i can't wait for the first real snowfall :)

Jenny H. zei

lovelyy picture.

i just posted pictures of the snow by where i live!