donderdag 28 augustus 2008

Cropped shirt

EEK! Inspiration rush from all you guys!
Also, couldn't stop thinking about that cropped shirt I see popping up everywhere online..
I imagined mine grey with little buttons sewn on it.. and then.. I made it ^^ (alright, bought the shirt whehe..)
I'm going to wear the shirt tonight with my new skirt and some converse, cauze I'm going to a concert of Serj Tankian.. Can't waaait <3!

Well uhm,.. here are some outfit photo's and a weird close up (just being silly with the camera). I put the shirt on, over another outfit, just to see how it looks :).. And the last photo is what I was wearing to school today..

I'm off to the concert, byee!

13 opmerkingen:

Mattie zei

love the 1st look. the cropedshirt with the bubble skirt lookes super cute

emily zei

very cute! i love it over the white shirt!

Dapper Kid zei

Love the last two photographs!

Taghrid zei

love it!! the second outfit is looooove

Gala Gonzalez zei

im glad everybody is triying the cropped top! did you like it then?


celeste zei

you have a nice blog :)

Dapper Kid zei

I linked you dear :)

Denise zei


Het staat je leuk! Je durft.
Ik vind vooral met dat witte shirt leuk. Ieeh ik zoek een groot t-shirt zoals die jij hebt maar dan in een andere kleur(zo mouwloos).

En kvond leuk om jullie te zien ookal kon je dat niet van m'n gezicht aflezen:P haha. Ik was zo druk in m'n hoofd en vette rijen de hele tijd..IEEEHHH
Spreche dich.


Richel zei

great crop top! I'm going to try it one day!

Wendiva zei

i love your high-waisted look, so chic!!

coco zei

I adore the first look. The skirt is so lovely. It looks well cut!

Mimi zei

The skirt and the shades are awesome.


great looks. all three are fashion forward.