dinsdag 26 augustus 2008


I went shopping today, well not actually shopping.. I was only going to buy some amazing braided shoes at Zara, because I saw them a while ago on Runway Today and I couldn't stop thinking about them (how wrong, I know >.<).
But when I realized that I had gotten my pay check, I decided that I also really needed the Cloé shoes I craved. So, I bought them both <3.
And a lovely skirt at the H&M Trend department.
I guess I'll probably be wearing the skirt to school tomorrow so there are going to be pictures tomorrow. And later on this week an outfit photo with the Cloé shoes.

Blog to you soon ^^..

11 opmerkingen:

Gala Gonzalez zei

those clohe shoes are gorgeous!!!! i want a pair too!

LaCouturier zei

those black shoes are amazing, period.

Rumi zei

Zara are magnificent, love the braiding.

Jenny H. zei

i loveee those white ones.

i want them. really badly.


gorgeous shoes ! im so jealous

Dapper Kid zei

Those shoes are AMAZING!!!

Fashion Is Poison zei

both are so sweeeeet

runway today zei

hey je hebt de chloe's gehaald! nice :-)

Anoniem zei

Those black shoes are the hotness!

nv zei

i love those braided shoes! I need to get to zara soon! <3 would you like to trade links? I'm at jaimetamere.blogspot.com

Anoniem zei