dinsdag 26 augustus 2008


Wow, long time no blog!

I’ve been busier than I had expected..
But, I’ve also made quite some photo’s ^^.
Since my bf bought a New Era cap, I secretly fell in love with it (even tough it’s SO wrong)..

So, I decided that instead of wearing his cap, I’ll just buy my own. Blue of course.
I had it on with a little strapless black dress, a legging and my navy converse (I just wasn’t sure about he whole cap and heels combo).

I also decided it was time for some photo’s of my favourite maxi dress.. so, here they are^^.

Just before I left my place to go and sleep at my bf’s place, I made an outfit picture. I was wearing the ‘you’re wearing it the wrong way’-dress. I just love how the back looks like the front ^^ and, I really like the Zara heels with it..

There will be more posts soon, sooner than you think whehe^^..