maandag 18 augustus 2008

Lowlands part 2

Lowlands was.. GREAT!
Smoking way to much weed and drinking mojito’s all day long <3.>It was really warm, so I was just wearing little dresses with leggings ^^.
I also bought a Franz Ferdinand shirt which I Love.
Cant wait for next year!

Oh, school is starting again on Thursday so I guess that means more outfit photo’s ^^.

4 opmerkingen:

Jord zei

Jeah giirrrll!
Nice cappp!
Tho I haven't seen your new one yet! *Omg, needs to see it!*
Anyways, you look cute as always (a)

Sugar Pop zei

I love the dress. Looks great on you, pattern and all.


wil je links uitwisselen =)

you look like... SARC =O

Denise zei

Stonieee ^^

Khad het al gezegd, maar je t-shirt is echt mooi van FF!