donderdag 3 juli 2008

The beach part 2 (not that beachy)

They said it was going to be a hot summer day so I went to the beach, again.

Earlier that morning, I had a job interview, and I’ve got the job! Jeej!

It’s all thanks to Dave, my lovely neighbour and good friend which I know for many years.. so Dave, Thank you! (I know, I know, again..).

So after the job interview I went to the beach in the same outfit because I was just to lazy to change.. And just as I sat in the bus, it started to rain like hell.

So we decided to just chill in my little house on the campsite.

Later on the day, I saw my friend Joyce and I had to take a picture of her fabulous vest.

I loved everything about it, the colour, the buttons and the purple shirt she had underneath.

Quinett: Black dress – H&M trend, Blue thingy – H&M, Legging – Pieces, Shoes – Second hand market.

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