zondag 27 juli 2008

Na Na Na Na Naa

Today I went (with a group of friends) to a park with grass and some water.. just to chill. I had my new dress on, the red and navy blue dress. (Darn it, it looks orange in the pictures!) We had a lot of fun while listening to Kaiser Chiefs.. and after that we went to the McDonalds.. just because I’m a McDonalds addict haha.. (I think the photo is really funny because you can see the fat people ordering ^^).

The red and navy blue dress - H&M.

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lara zei

haha "the fat people ordering" :P
I like your dress, especialy the blue part, which looks like a high-waisted skirt... :)

Laura Marie zei

Thanks for the comment...:)

i love that dress...its soooo pretty :) lol...i can hardly ever afford H&M tho.... :'( ... im poor lol....

well....speak soon :)


Richel zei

those to colors work so well together! red and navy is a go to combo, i think.

Sugar Pop zei

I'm sorry for taking so long to respond to your lovely comment! Thanks a bundle.

Cute headband, I really like it on you :)

we wear things zei

oh great dress!! i thought it was a skirt and tank combo! you could definitely layer this when it gets cooler!


Saskia zei

Ahaha...bij de dikke mensen moet ik aan Jan Stoffels denken.
'Mag ik tien doosjes kipnuggets?'
'Eh...oke. Welke sausjes wil je?'

Dat jurkje staat je trouwens echt goed. En dat haar van die vorige foto's ook.

emily zei

you look so cute!

qqq9988 zei