dinsdag 22 juli 2008

Spooky pool

I still love this dress, even though it is meant to be a Christmas dress or something..
When we were checking out some locations, I saw this pool and I dunno, it's so weird, spooky and so beautiful. And when I saw it, I just thought of this dress.
I normally don’t do my hair like this, but I thought it fitted right in with the awkwardness.

Dress - H&M.

10 opmerkingen:

D-andelion zei

Wat ben jij een knap meisje zeg! Ik vind je foto's en jurk ook heel mooi:)

Shalane zei

Heey :)
Ja ik ging een half jaar geleden nog veel uit in zaandam, junglestrike enzo. Tegenwoordig ga ik nooit meer uit :P geen tijd voor ;) Waar hang jij meestal uit in zaandam?

El Notable zei

Hi! cool blog and great pictures.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans zei

i have to say....i love your hair! =)

Honeymoon zei

Very nice pics !!!

Arielle zei

what a great find. I love the outfit you put with the setting

coco zei

H&M do make some amazing dresses. But you always have to hunt for them!

CoutureCarrie zei

Wow . . . you and the scene are both so beautiful! And I think that dress works for summer!

Miss at la Playa zei

Your hair is so beautiful!

Francis Girard zei

you have my dream hair - girls with afros are simply born cool and chic. you should wear it like that always. it could be become your thing. great blog, love it. xf