zondag 6 juli 2008

Night in the town

Going out.. and in stead of drinking I just ate a lot of muffins (yes, space-muffins indeed).I had a lot of fun ^^.
And.. I’m having a weird obsession for navy. Just loved it more and more and more.
So I had to buy the Blue satin nail polish from Chanel <3. It’s almost black but still blue haha..
And then I was like.. omg navy! I have navy allstars ^^ I have a navy dress, I have a blue jacket.. *puts it all on*.
It was kinda weird but I still liked it.

Quinett: Braided scarf – H&M, Jacket – Vero Moda, Navy dress – weird shop in Shanghai, Grey skinny – H&M, Shoes – blue allstars.

8 opmerkingen:

Honeymoon zei

R u a shoes addict !? If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels of the fashion week !

See u !

Taghrid zei

i totally totally understand what you mean with the blue chanel nailpolish! i have it too, its my new summer fave!

Richel zei

ahhh! you have a picture on a bike! WONDERFUL! I always love pictures with bikes.

Jord zei

Heya tigerrr!
Je hebt al heel wat posts! :D
I like it ^^
Anyways babe, zie je vast snel!
Kusje! <3

MR style zei

nice blog too !! and nice bike !! it's so geek !

R zei

Ah ty for the sweet comment. I love your picture with the bike.. I too have been contemplating about the blue satin nailpolish.. I swear Im such an addict haha

Janneke zei

Your nailpolish is fab!

hidzume zei

thanks for all the comments! <3