maandag 21 juli 2008


These sunglasses.. I saw them and just fell in LOVE.. even though the wayfarer motive is 'so before this summer' I'm just in love with the colour combination.

I'm also very happy because I've received my order.. and everything fitted perfectly so, there will be pictures soon.. (I only was so smart to forget my camera in the boyfriends car ¬_¬').

13 opmerkingen:

Janneke zei

De kleurencombinatie is inderdaad perfect!

naroniel zei

wow. i like them too.

Janneke zei

Ik heb je er bij gezet!

Ashleigh zei

these are hot! =)

Blonde hair, Blue jeans zei

oooH! i love them!

we wear things zei

those sunnies are fabulous

kathrin zei

wow these are fab!! cant wait to see the pics.

hidzume zei

thanks for the comments, I'm probably going to buy them on Thursday.. ^^

Fashion Addict zei

thanks for adding my link!

Héloïse J. zei

yes they're cool!!!!!!

Fashion Is Poison zei

these are SO in! i <3 them. thanks for the comment btw sweetie

Taghrid zei

i really like the coloring of these!

upload pictures sooooon woman!

D-andelion zei

Is inderdaad een heel leuke bril!