woensdag 16 juli 2008


I see perfect landscapes and stuff on other blogs and it makes me jealous! The only ‘special’ thing Holland has are like.. windmills or something. So, I went to a windmill with my sister and she took a-lot of photo’s ^^.

Hope you like it..

Photo 1: THE Windmill.

Photo 2: Gilet/Vest thingy + Dress underneath and bag – H&M, Trousers – weird store, Shoes – Sacha (by Daryl van Wouw), The crip thingy is just because I love navy ^^.

Photo 3: A close up from the dress, I really love the back.

Photo 4: THE fringes shirt. (H&M)

Photo 5: My dresslike raincoat. (also H&M)

Photo 6: Again the coat/dress/coat whatever. (I know it’s a coat but still..)

16 opmerkingen:

Honeymoon zei

Let's exchange links !

See u !

Boho chic zei

I love The shirt on the Photo 4.

Dapper Kid zei

Love love the outfits, the tiered dress is super! And thank you so much for the lovely comment :)


Ohhhh don't you just LOVE fringe!??


we wear things zei

ah you're gorgeous! and i love that raincoat!!

oh and thanks for stopping by out blog and for the sweet comment!


MHBass zei

the fringe shirt looks incredible, i love how you captured its movement!

coco zei

I love the way you layer your clothes. And the fringed top is so pretty!

Shen-Shen zei

I love the fringe!

The Exception zei

ahhh! I love the fringe dress, it's so cute!!

Taghrid zei

youre so cute! and I AM TOTALLY JEALOUS of your windmills. i love the flapper fringe dress

ps, your little sister is such a cutie!


omg the fringe shirt is SO great, would you mind telling me where you got it?

karla zei

really love the fringe! linked you as well :)

Fashion Addict zei

Hey, in my area we don't have windmills, so I'm actually jealous of you! The photos are nice and look forward to more.

BTW, would you like to do a link exchange?

Bananas Diary zei

Ah, leuk zeg! Ik vind je jas er mooi.

Daniëlle zei

Vind je fringe topje heel leuk!

Hoeveel was hij @ H&M?

D-andelion zei

Die foto met de molen! <3 Ik blijf het een fantastisch ding vinden, haha. Leuke foto's ook!